I hope to offer merch in the future. From things like SOP templates to swag to useful gadgets and more. Check back in the future for availability.
Epic Jams
We might wind up producing video content or a podcast in the future. While you wait, check out our blog!
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Have an account on the site? That'd be weird, since Accounts aren't really a thing on the site yet. Hopefully soon!

Blue Diamond

This is the look I'm best known for. It's made me the technical entrepreneur I am today and my go-to for the bulk of my daily technical or infosec tasks.


This look is my go-to for intense requirements, like PowerShell scripting. A bit more mysterious and captivating to really draw you in.
Beat It

Je Ne Se Quois

This look is a lot softer, it's a little more of a catalog look. I use it for basic software installs sometimes.
It's the SAME look?!
Did they seriously do that?!

HILARIOUS Muppet Bloopers!

Totally unexpected, you have to watch this. Possibly NSFW.

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Do you guys remember duck face selfies? lolz
Time is an Illusion
Actually, the construct of time keeping is an illusion. Time itself probably does exist.
Happy Birthday!
Omg, how did they know?
U.S. adults who cannot read above a 3rd grade level
People who don't fact check on the Internet
Number of statistics that are made up.
The number of states that sell beefalo.
Stay Informed
Knowledge is power. Don't be a weakling. Learn, grow, adapt. Be brave enough to challenge your own thoughts and perceptions.
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